Here at Whiteley Chiropractic, we are proud of our reputation in the community. We continually strive to offer you and your family the best services possible.

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Here are some examples of past reviews:


Did the environment feel well thought out with a holistic approach in mind?

Everything was well thought out for comfort and general well being. They took a wonderful holistic approach.

Did this chiropractor pressure you to return for unnecessary follow-ups?

Not at all! They always respect my decisions.

Did the chiropractor offer on-site X-Rays?

Yes, I didn’t have to drive anywhere!

Would you refer this provider to a family or friend?

Yes, I’m going tell everyone about them. I absolutely love this place!

Was this provider willing to stay open late to accommodate your needs?

Yes, they’ve stayed open late when I’ve needed help.

Did you feel safe in this provider’s care?

Absolutely! I knew I was being cared for by an expert!

Did your treatments with this chiropractor eliminate your need for pain medication?

Yes, I no longer need pain medication and I feel better than I’ve ever felt.

Does this provider remember you by name?

Every single time, even if it’s been months since my last appointment!!

I was ecstatic after my appointment. I knew that I was going to improve with their treatment. I’ve never seen anyone with more skill. They always go above and beyond to help me with anything I need. They never complain about anything, and I know I can always count on them. The staff really knows what they’re doing, and they know a lot about the company they work for. They’re able to answer most of my questions, and the only ones they don’t are the ones they need their boss’s approval for. They were so kind and attentive to me. I didn’t have to worry about them arguing with me, or contradicting what I had to say, which has been a problem for me at other places. They’ve never been late to any of my appointments. I’ve even showed up early sometimes and they’ve always been ready and prepared.

I was completely at ease during my appointment here. They went to great lengths to make sure I was completely relaxed and comfortable the entire time. Their office was the absolute perfect temperature. It was so nice to be able to get out of the weather outside and sit in a relaxing, comfortable office. They were one of the kindest, most caring staff I’ve ever dealt with. It didn’t matter how many times I called with a question or concern, they were always happy to help me. Their primary concern is what’s best for me, and they only give me the advice that would benefit me the most. They made the extra effort to make sure every question and concern I had was addressed.

They always have an immediate answer for me when I call with a question. They would never try to get me to make an appointment unless I really needed one. I didn’t have to wait at all after I arrived for my appointment. They were running right on time, which is a really big deal for me. They’ve definitely given me helpful lifestyle and nutritional tips. They always want what’s best for me. They offer the best pricing I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe how little I ended up having to pay.