Allergy Season

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Spring is here and it is allergy season again. I know a lot of you are suffering out there, so I wanted to help you make this allergy season a little more bearable. So, let’s talk about allergies and inflammation. If you have allergies, your body has a hard time managing the hormones (prostaglandins and cytokines) that cause inflammation and immune hyperactivity.



Inflammatory Reaction
There seems to be more and more things we are exposed to that cause an inflammatory reaction in our bodies. Usually, by the time we hit forty, we begin to have chronic, elevated levels of inflammation that cause muscle and joint pain.
This chronic inflammation puts stress on your adrenal glands causing them to release hormones like cortisol (the hormone that makes you fat), to try and keep your inflammation in balance.
This added stress on your adrenal glands can cause anxiety and panic syndromes and finally lead to adrenal exhaustion, which leads to , well…..exhaustion!

One strategy for reducing inflammation is to unburden the body of its chronic immune burdens, especially allergies.



Secondary Allergies
Many of the environmental allergies we suffer from are actually secondary allergies being driven by primary allergic responses, principally to foods.
It has always been obvious in clinical practice that when basic food allergies are corrected, environmental allergies vanish.
For example, by simply taking a person off of a basic food allergy like milk or wheat oftentimes they will no longer be allergic to cats or dogs.



Hypo-Antigenic Diet
Usually within three days of starting the hypo-antigenic diet, chronic inflammation starts reducing and elevated adrenal hormones (remember cortisol the hormone that makes you fat) begin to decrease. Although change will continue for several months, you may feel increased energy, clarity of mind, digestive wellness, and decreased pain in just a few short days.
In practice, the hypo-antigenic diet has been so successful that I no longer believe environmental allergies are real until these basic food allergies have been eliminated. Once the inflammatory levels of the body have had a chance to normalize, you can now determine what allergies are actually real, and what allergies were just secondary to elevated levels of inflammatory hormones.
Reducing inflammation will lengthen our lives, reduce discomfort, especially muscle and joint pain, and allow the immune system to protect us from more important issues than chronic inflammation.



4 Basic Food Allergies
The four basic food allergies are wheat, soy, corn, and milk (followed by beef, tomato, peanuts, and chocolate). The hypo-antigenic diet consists of eliminating these eight foods.



Products to Alleviate Symptoms
Antronex is a natural antihistamine, excellent for people with histamine toxicity, as in asthma and allergies. People with toxic thyroids are also benefited by Antronex, as it quickens the removal of excess thyroxin from the blood. If a person has high blood pressure due to a congested liver, Antronex may lower his blood pressure very quickly. One more thing about Antronex, it is only utilized in an acid GI track, so we usually add Zypan (a stomach enzyme with hydrochloric Acid) along with it. Antronex is my number one go to supplement during allergy season.
Drenamin is what I call broad spectrum adrenal support. I primarily give this to my patients that are under a lot of stress and are fatigued. Because Allergies/ inflammation put a great deal of stress on our adrenal glands I almost always recommend taking Drenamin as part of an allergy protocol.
Allerplex is a special formulation designed by Standard process to not just reduce inflammation, but to support the lungs, adrenal glands, and liver, all while decreasing histamine. This is a great product for chronic allergy sufferers.



As you are probably aware, we treat a lot of people with nutrition in this office. If you suffer with allergies you may want to get a complete nutritional analysis which includes an allergy screening.